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Healthy Snacks: Almonds, Apples & Carrots

Recently, knowing what a healthy diet consists of has been tough. And eating a good diet is important not only for your weight but also your dental health. In regards to your chompers, foods lower in sugar will be healthier for you, though virtually all foods have some sugar in them. Read below and find… Read more »

The 411 on Cosmetic Dentistry

General dentistry is about preventing dental health decay, maintaining strong teeth and caring for unhealthy teeth and gums, but there’s more to dentistry than just that. Of the many non-general fields of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry may be the most popular. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the look of teeth and can also include a few… Read more »

Using an Dental Onlay to Repair a Tooth Cusp

At , we care for your smile using dental procedures which are both good solutions for your oral health as well as aesthetically pleasing. Why does this matter? Even though your oral health is susceptible to dental issues, like oral trauma, tooth decay, and damage that can occur with age, that doesn’t mean dental restorations shouldn’t… Read more »

Summer Smile Essentials: Dental Anxiety Treatments

Dental anxiety is a condition in which a person feels stressed or afraid of the dentist office or oral health care treatments. Although dental anxiety should never be overlooked, there are numerous quick and easy techniques to help you deal with any discomfort, pain, or stress you may feel in regard to your dental care…. Read more »

Flossing Each Day Is Important In Preventing Gum Disease

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss at least once each day. Doing so is a big part of removing food particles and plaque from your mouth, which reduces your chances of suffering from cavities or gum disease. Flossing at the gumline and behind your last molar… Read more »

Are You Familiar With Oral Conscious Sedation

Do you experience anxiety when it’s time to visit your dentist for any kind of oral care? Well, you can actually relax when it comes to seeing our dental specialists at in , , as Dr. is pleased to offer oral conscious sedation for our patients. Our goal is to provide quality care combined with a… Read more »

What Are the Different Types of Dental Fillings?

Have you ever wondered what the different types of dental fillings are? Although there are many varieties of dental fillings, amalgams and composites remain some of the most productive, effective, and safe filling treatments in dentistry today. For a list of benefits, see below: – If you wish for your dental filling to aesthetically complement… Read more »

Overcoming Toothaches

A toothache refers to pain and discomfort as the result of damaged nerve endings within a tooth. The nerve endings lie within the pulp deep within a tooth, which means serious damage or infection has occurred and must be treated as soon as possible. Look for the following signs of a toothache to determine your… Read more »

All Smiles Can Benefit from Dental Veneers

All smiles can benefit from dental veneers. Dental veneers are highly advanced types of cosmetic dentistry designed to vastly improve the look of your teeth by placing a small, customizable shell on the fronts of teeth for an enhanced appearance of your smile. Dental veneers can be designed for a single tooth that appears out… Read more »

Practice Your Oral Health Habits from Infancy to Old Age

If you want to ensure your teeth can last a lifetime, practice your oral health habits from infancy to old age. Although your teeth may wear down from use over time, this does not mean they are eventually destined to fail. With the proper care, your teeth can continue to serve you well for the… Read more »