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Are you aware of unhealthy and healthy foods in your diet that could be putting your smile at risk of further damage or protecting your teeth for years to come? Being aware of not only products that are unhealthy but also ones that can improve your smile is essential for improvements in your oral health.

Typically, unhealthy products are ones that put your teeth and gums in danger of dental damage. Not only can hard products such as candy apples or cough drops potentially crack your, but they’re often laden with sugars which can lead to dental erosion and tooth decay. Be aware that starchy or sugary products often have substances converted into acids that can eat through your tooth enamel. Thus, exercise caution with various substances in your diet.

However, not all substances that you consume will damage your teeth and gums. Although your teeth will tend to wear down over time, some products contain minerals that can actually help to strengthen your tooth enamel. Always look for foods and drinks that contain calcium and phosphorus, as they have been shown to help strengthen your tooth enamel. It can often be beneficial to look for crunchy fruits and veggies that can help dilute the effects of sugars and help produce additional saliva.

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