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If you are considering a dental restoration, you may find that dental crowns offer the most versatility in restoring a damaged or discolored tooth for greater strength and appearance. Dental crowns can offer decades of support and protection for a weakened tooth. You may find that receiving a dental crown is just the right approach to having a strong, beautiful smile.

Custom-made dental crowns can offer a variety of benefits tailored to your smile’s specific needs, whether you have a weakened tooth that needs protection or a cosmetically flawed tooth that you would like to enhance with a more natural appearance. Dental crowns are the only dental restoration that covers the whole of the tooth to repair significant damages.

Dental crowns serve a variety of functions for patients of all ages, and can assist children who have a risk of tooth decay and need to repair a large cavity. Our dentist may also recommend a dental crown if you need to bond a large dental filling to a damaged tooth that lost the majority of its tooth enamel and can no longer provide sufficient support. You can also pair a dental crown with several other dental restorations to enhance the performance of their functions, such as dental bridges and implants and root canal therapy.

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