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If you are interested in learning more about mouthwash, our team at Complete Dental Care can help you! We invite you to use mouthwash to boost your oral hygiene, and we offer a review of the two types of mouthwash you can choose.

The most effective type of mouthwash you can use for your dental health is therapeutic mouthwash. This type enhances oral health by eliminating lingering plaque and thus preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, therapeutic mouthwash helps you achieve fresh breath while strengthening your teeth with fluoride.

You can also select a cosmetic mouthwash, which helps to improve the appearance of your smile as well as freshen your breath and leave a pleasant aftertaste. Some cosmetic rinses also lighten the color of teeth over time.

Though mouthwash on average is very helpful for your smile, be aware of rinses that claim to be helpful but are not. To help you choose the right mouthwash for your smile, we encourage you to choose products that are approved by the American Dental Association to ensure they are both safe and effective.

If you have questions about options for mouthwash in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, please feel free to contact us at 412-253-4671 today and schedule a consultation with our dentist.