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Never be afraid to consider alternative techniques to ensure your smile is safe from oral ailments that can arise. One potentially harmful conditioning to be aware of is known as dry mouth. To help prevent dry mouth from occurring, consider using saliva production techniques to wash away sugar and debris after meals.

Chewing gum is highly effective for cleaning your smile after eating. After meals, food debris typically pools around your teeth and gums and can slowly increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs. Because your teeth are extra sensitive at this time, you should not use any form of toothpaste. Instead, try using sugarless gum to help wash away the debris.

Sugarless chewing gum is extremely effective for preventing cavities because it can help promote saliva flow. Saliva is produced due to the increased amount of chewing gum and can be highly effective for providing protection for your mouth. Not only will it neutralize acids produced by bacteria in your mouth, but it can help prevent and protect against heartburn and stomach acids, as well as provide disease-fighting substances for your mouth.

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