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Dental anxiety is a condition in which a person feels stressed or afraid of the dentist office or oral health care treatments. Although dental anxiety should never be overlooked, there are numerous quick and easy techniques to help you deal with any discomfort, pain, or stress you may feel in regard to your dental care. Although dental anxiety may not be as hazardous to your health as other or health conditions, your dentist can provide you with numerous treatments to make sure your time at the dentist office is well spent. See below:

– Muscle relaxants such as massages can help treat dental anxiety.
– If you struggle with anxiety linked to sounds at the dentist office, consider calming and relaxing music during dental procedures.
– Meditation such as yoga has been known to help alleviate symptoms associated with dental anxiety.
– Stress relievers such as stress balls, fidget spinners and other stress relieving products have been known to alleviate anxiety symptoms.
– If you still feel any pain after a sedative, be sure to speak up about it to your dentist to ensure the appropriate dosage can be given. Not all levels of sedatives work the same for all individuals.
– Easy breathing patterns affect your condition. Practice breathing slowly and deeply. In addition, count your breaths.
– Consult with your dentist for the most effective dental anxiety treatments and therapies.

If you notice signs of dental anxiety, fortunately, it can be treated. Complete Dental Care remains committed to your oral health. You are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 412-253-4671. Stop by our dentist office in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, and Dr. Shoaf and our team will give you the treatment you need. We look forward to hosting your smile!