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Have you ever wondered what the different types of dental fillings are? Although there are many varieties of dental fillings, amalgams and composites remain some of the most productive, effective, and safe filling treatments in dentistry today. For a list of benefits, see below:

– If you wish for your dental filling to aesthetically complement your natural tooth color, choose composites rather than metallic amalgams.

– If a dental filling is damaged by an oral accident or injury, it will need to be replaced. Dental amalgams need to be removed before the new filling can be installed. Composite filings can be repaired or replaced without removing the old filling.

– Dental amalgams can be used to treat cavities that are extremely large and difficult to fill effectively with composite fillings. Conversely, some cavities may be too small for amalgams to work effectively, which instead require composite treatments.

– If you wish to use a dental filling that is mercury-free, choose composites rather than amalgams.

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