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A toothache refers to pain and discomfort as the result of damaged nerve endings within a tooth. The nerve endings lie within the pulp deep within a tooth, which means serious damage or infection has occurred and must be treated as soon as possible. Look for the following signs of a toothache to determine your next course of action:

– Facial rashes, high fevers, and chills that are abnormal and mysterious can be the result of a toothache.

– Notable swelling and fevers can be linked to toothaches.

– If you continue to show signs of pain after a full 24 hours after an extraction, a toothache may be to blame, even though the tooth is gone.

– Pulp damage can be the result of a multitude of sources, including oral accidents, injuries, tooth decay, dental erosion, cavities, among others.

– TMJ disorders can be the root cause of toothaches.

– If pain does not let up after using pain medications, you may have a toothache.

– If you have lost a tooth due to a serious blow to the face, infections and toothaches are likely to occur.

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